About us

Water, Rivers and People (also known as ARP for its Spanish acronym) is a non-
profit organization funded by the New Water Culture Foundation, for the purpose
of organizing and producing an international travelling exposition that presents
the human profile of the Global Water Crisis.

ARP exists thanks to the combined efforts of water management experts in academic
environments; of artists and photography professionals, cinema and communications
professionals; of activists dedicated to the fight for water and environmental and
social issues, and of those people who have been directly affected.

The exposition deals with real-life stories told by the same people who have or
are living them. People who defend the right to live in their village, faced with
the threat of large dams; who try to protect the health of their community and the
fishing they depend on, in the face of contamination of their rivers and aquifers;
who fight for the human right to potable water, opposing the privatization and
commercialization of this type of public services…

The Association works closely with the following principal partners of the project:
the New Water Culture Foundation, COAGRET (Coordinating Agency for People
Affected by Large Dams and Diversions), International Rivers (IR), Engineers
without Borders (EWB), European Rivers Network (ERN) and the Fundación France
Libertés (FFL).

Of these central members, the majority work in multiple countries on all continents,
either directly or through collaborating organizations. ARP promotes the Exposition
alongside a Citizen Agenda and Educational Agenda in each place where it is held,
based on collaboration agreements with environmental, social and cultural
organizations in the host country.

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